Town Slogan Contest

May 21, 2020

Darien Town Slogan Contest!

Thanks to all for your enthusiastic and creative submissions -- There were over 200 submissions from 31 Darien residents!!

Congratulations to the following Winners: 


1st Place

($500.Townwide Gift Certificates)
Billi Kid, Darien resident 
"Darien... A Sound Community"
Darien Winner

1st place winner, Billi Kid, pictured with his daughter, Nina who also submitted very catchy slogans, along with his wife, Claudia. Creativity is a family affair in this wonderfully talented Darien family. Congratulations!!!

2nd Place

($250.Townwide Gift Certificates)
Theresa Forbes, Darien resident
"Darien - Live the Life - Ride the Wave"

3rd Place

($100.Townwide Gift Certificates)
Ruth Ann Ramsey, Darien resident 
"Darien, CT - Beauty & the Beach"

Last modified: July 22, 2020